Friday, June 5, 2015

"Mother Bird's Outcry"

In a foray into Ruth's Zoharscape,
 I encountered anguished Mother Bird.
Banished from her nest, fledglings snatched away.
 Tear streaked, she withdrew to a perch high up.

The angel of birds couldn't bear her pain.
 Her pain was his, so he cried, cried, cried...

Angel of mercy couldn't bear it either.
 All pain was his, so he too cried, cried, cried...

The whole cosmos exploded in cries & pleas,
 Until the Master of all Mercies too awoke.

He recalled an earlier Mother Bird.
 Yes, how she was banished so long ago.

He recalled her tender downy fledglings,
 How they cried to her, whilst trapped in cruel hands.

Overwhelmed to tenderness, He too cried,
 "The whole universe needs My compassion !"

Flows of mercy washed over the cosmos.
 Tears dried midstream on cheeks upon cheeks.

Night gave way to day, as lives brightened up.
 Frowns gave way to smiles, as renewal dawned.

All this is thanks to tiny Mother Bird;
 Whose tear stained perch, evoked such vast blessing.

~Inspired by the Zohar Chadash on Ruth, P. 94a,b


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