Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Not Old or New

Tonight, I feel sleepy and weary.
Tonight, I am home feeling dreary.

My exhaustion so deep, can intoxicate.
Big plans move aside, you just have to wait.

Dream beings are forming at my mind's edges.
To dance in a dreamscape, circled by hedges.

There, they scarcely know their Dreamer.
In dimmed light, each becomes a schemer.

In the morning when the new day will dawn,
Then it will be their turn to take a long yawn.

Cosmic balance, opposite our sleep times run.
Mine under the moon, theirs neath the sun.

Can you tell whose wake time is more real,
Whose wake time is the seed, whose the peel?

Those who alternate can't be fully true.
Real Truth is changeless, not old or new.


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