Sunday, May 17, 2015

“Oh Infinite Light ...”

For years I thought You were Absolute,
 That You exhibited no yearning for growth.

Little did I know that You too harbor desire,
  Deep desire to be absorbed into Your Master.

With deep desire to merge into His Identity,
   Possibly, Your Infinity is really only a yearning.

You jump into Beyond pining to become more,
   Forgetting without losing Your very lowest self;

Thereby, bringing to life countless realms n’ beings,
   A cosmic simultaneity whose pulses benefit all.

You pulsate, expanding into outward Beyond.
 You pulsate, inward, fetally shrinking back.

You fascinate me by bearing such paradox.
  By being at once both post and pre-retraction.

Do You receive to give or give to receive?
  Maybe, in such paradox it matters not at all.

Maybe, to You both impulses are identical?
  Maybe, to me there’s a life lesson to pocket?

Yes, there’s a place so One that opposites meet,
  Where higher and lower are identical, the goal.

On this level of growth, Light wakes to lower self,
   For the self’s full spectrum in single glance is seen.

Cosmic patterns, like spirals, on every level repeat.
  So what’s true for the Light is true for humans too.


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