Monday, December 16, 2013

Ultimately Only Oneness

Yesterday, I was asked, “What's Judaism's idea of Satan?”

I answered that in Judaism, he's simply another angel. He's a good angel with a dirty job. The proof is that if one looks at the beginning of Job, one sees that the Creator orders him around and sends him on errands.

Then I was asked, whether the presence of such an angel sets up a kind of cosmic duality between good and evil, Zoroastrian style. I responded that in Judaism cosmic duality exists as part of the creation, not as part of the Creator.

Then I was asked whether the presence of angels deliberating in a heavenly court before a soul being judged possibly allude to the presence of multiple forces controlling destiny, a possible multiplicity. I responded that when the Creator deliberates within His Oneness, the various points of view under consideration are experienced on the soul's more fragmented level as angels deliberating in a cosmic court. However, in the ultimate sense, there's only Oneness.

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  1. FaceBook Comments to original post:

    Brandon: Very well said. כל הכבוד

    Ruth: Nice one Choni!

    Angela: I believe: Hasatan (in fact your idea is probably correct) might have started out the way you stated, but the idea of a "devil" is simply our lower nature which must be completely eradicated and done away with. To do this, we must follow our higher nature (& heart), as the two sources are fighting, until we finally overcome. At this time, we are spiritually born & can enter the Resurrection to die no more. Death to "self" is a requirement.

    Aleeza: Deep

    Choni: To Angela, I was addressing the overall cosmic picture. Of course, there's a struggle. I'm just showing how there's no duality, all's a Oneness.

    Elise: I like this idea, which has been reflected in some of the other stuff I learned while at JCHS. To me, this aspect Judaism seems to soften the harsh binary that is often set up between good and evil. It's a reminder that qualities and actions we consider "bad" aren't foreign interlopers; they are a part of us.

    Choni: To Aleeza, I sometimes wish this material wasn't considered "deep", but, just the way regular humans normally schmooze. We need Moshiach soon!

    Choni: To Elise, You learned well at JCHS. Keep studying Torah my friend. I just gave you a little taste in my classes, as others have in their's. Truthfully, it's a life long journey and then some...

    Angela: Yes, I'm saying there is a continuation. And there is no dualism!