Wednesday, December 25, 2013

The Happiness Stream

Today I realized that happiness is simply the default state of the soul. If you have a soul, you are naturally happy. If you aren't feeling that way then there's something blocking the psycho-spiritual flow between your higher self and your conscious mind. Getting rid of such blockages restores the flow. Essentially, celebrations and spiritual experiences don't "create" happiness. Rather, they temporarily remove the blockages, allowing the happiness stream to flow.


  1. FaceBook Comments:

    Liza: Choni, I'd like to know what you're saying here, but I'm not getting it... "Essentially, celebrations and don't "create" happiness."

    Liza: and very nicely put, what you wrote.

    Batya: Otherwised termed "awake"

    Sandi: Did you read my column recently in the JT about happiness?

    Choni: Liza skip the word "and". I was tired when I wrote. Thank you for pointing out my typo.

    Choni: To Batya , I guess I had to use my own cultural idiom to arrive at the idea. But, your term "awake" is also nice.

    Choni: To Sandi, I didn't read your article, but, please link me to it. Thank you.

    Liza: Profound Choni. and true.

    Sandi: I don't think it's still online so i'l email it!

    Liza: and you can celebrate because you're "awake"

    Liza: or dance.

    Liza: or sing!

    Liza: here's a poem that touches on something of what you're saying, Choni.

    These are false realms we believe in
    and therefore, live.

    Cast aside the stagnant water
    of ways that do not flow –

    to what Is, and see woman --

    she is real and whole
    which no judgment defines.

    Then your heart will understand the other
    through the currents of Love
    and your eyes will observe newly
    through a soul on fire.

    Choni: I like this Liza. Thank you for sharing. The last two lines in particular really connect with me.

  2. My daughter suggested that I should convert this idea into a book. I protested, "But I just told it all to you in one simple paragraph. There isn't enough for a book here."

    She responded, "The book should be in the techniques to remove the blockages."

    I agreed, "Indeed in that, there's enough for a book and maybe even more books."