Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Step by Step

I've waited a while for an opportunity to make a lentil soup, like I used to. Finally, the opportunity came last night. I threw in sufficient lentils into a pot of water followed by a heaping spoon of red miso paste. Then I chopped in onion and garlic cloves. Finally, I sprinkled in cumin and curry to complete the taste.

While my soup was boiling, I realized that if I threw in the right amount of rice, it would absorb the flavor rich soup making a wonderful rice and lentil dish. So I did it. Thank God, it worked!  I had the most wonderful, delicious and nutritious dinner these last two nights. 

In fact it worked so well that I was too full to finish my dinner tonight. So thank God another idea arose. I mashed up the remaining rice and lentils in my bowl with a spoon and made a delicious spread, which I smeared across spelt cakes, making little sandwiches for breakfast tomorrow. God willing, I'm looking forward to a delicious and healthy breakfast tomorrow.

You see God sends some nice and helpful ideas step by step. You never know what He will teach you, if you are only patient. What a delicious way to learn such a lesson.

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  1. Comments from the FaceBook version of this post:

    Hannah: i am going to try this recipe. thanks

    Choni : It's good, really good. You'll enjoy it Hannah.

    Hannah: the cumin and curry combo sounds interesting. I am inspired. I make soup each week, so I guess this is the next one, just finished borscht with miso and cabbage from last week. Can one use red lentils for this soup?

    Choni: I guess red lentils can work. I happened to have had green lentils.

    Kelly: Sounds wonderful. I think I will try it this week as it is soup weather. I have yellow and some red lentils. I think any would work well. Yum!

    Choni: I think so too Kelly. I mostly make my food by feel anyways, not by official recipes. Through this step by step development of soup to dish to dip, I felt Hashem teaching me step by step.

    Sandi: You are v clever Choni - not just in cerebral matters, but culinary too!

    Ruth: Nice one. BTW, I do this too and also discovered the 'spread' by accident. It works with both red and yellow but I would watch keeping the rice too long.

    Choni: I agree Ruth. It's interesting that you had the 'discovery' too.

    Choni: Thank you Sandi for making me smile.

    Sandi: I would like to try it but you lost me at miso paste....

    Choni: Miso paste is originally from Japan. They sell it in America in health food shops. It kind of sells with products like tofu, sea weed, organic vegetables, etc. If you go to a health food shop you might find it. It's meant to be a soup base.

    Sandi: Your meal sounds really good - can you mail me some?

    Choni: One day, you'll be able to "print" a meal Sandi Mann

    Sara: Wow I think i will try this Choni. My son is driving me crazy to make lentil soup. What is miso paste? Charif?

    Elizabeth: yum!

    Choni: Hi Sara : Miso paste is originally from Japan. In America, they sell it in health food shops, along with products like tofu, seaweed, organic vegetables and the like. Most types here are certified as kosher. It comes in two basic varieties: paste like and powered. I prefer the paste like. I am under the impression that it tastes fresher (though I may be romanticizing). Essentially, it's a soup base and it's pareve. It's definitely not "charif", but, it is salty (like soya sauce), so I don't overdo it.

    Rachel: Sounds yummy - thanks for the info/recipe

    Choni: Your most welcome Rachel. Enjoy it!

    Miriam: I tried some rice with left over chicken and your spice combo. Had brown miso available. Was good. Thanks for sharing

    Choni: Wow Miriam R. Mendel ! You've evolved the idea to another level. You moved the ball along. This is fun!

    Miriam: Try adding a little honey and some raisins instead of or with the other stuff to give a little sweetness to the curry

    Choni: Sounds like a plan. I was trying more for an eastern taste. However, why not play around and have fun?

    Marcia: The rice idea sounds good, thank you!

    Choni: It gives it more nutrients, body and variety.

    Renee: Amen v' Amen

    Choni: Yes Renee !