Thursday, July 25, 2013

Don't Expect ...

Don't expect to bypass the physical and soar to the spiritual.

The one you don't love dressed, won't turn more beloved naked.

The undressed isn't a new being.

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  1. FaceBook Comments:

    Brenda: So true!

    Choni: There's a lot of Torah study and life experience behind this seemingly simple statement.

    Él-Ad E. : Please elucidate Choni? I think I understand, but I'd like to ask you to expand for the sake of clearly understanding your most excellent point.

    Choni: The physical is just the clothing over the spiritual. People think that by "transcending" they're somehow getting something different. It's not true. They're just undressing what they have already rejected.

    Él-Ad E. : Very NICE!!!! "Chazak uBaruch" Choni!!

    Ruth: Neat, Choni!

    Wendy: Well said my friend

    Angela: To acquire the physical, the spiritual has to be obtained first.

    Choni: To Angela: I think you are addressing a different angle of the relationship between the physical and the spiritual. I think you are addressing the issue of mastery over life. I am addressing love of life. One doesn't love God's physical world isn't going to necessarily find the spiritual world more lovable because the two realms are really continuous with each other - one is layered over the other.

    Choni: "Baruch Tiheyeh" Él-Ad E.

    Angela: Choni, do you think we can soar, and skip layers in our upward climb, to the level our souls have grown? I realize if we ever want to we can always return to a lower level.

    Choni: If one loves the Creator, why skip any gift He offers?

    Angela: I've (and other people) have experienced some of the spiritual levels while in the physical flesh. I will soar (I think) beyond wanting houses, entertainment, etc. there. I'm sure I have another purpose than simply the next spiritual level because I've already "gone thru".

    Angela: So the gifts weren't skipped, simply experienced here on the physical earth.

    Choni: Sounds nice Angela