Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Career Choices

An interesting piece of life wisdom had recently dawned on me.

Since our careers very often end up as inescapable roles, taking center stage in our lives, people often take making their career choices very seriously. And rightfully so. When it came time for me to make my career choice, I didn't have the benefit of this simple piece of advice that I am about to share with you (though I really wish I did). 

You know there are many benefits in life that we enjoy as "finished products". We may enjoy health, comforts, justice, friendship, love, happiness, culinary delights, interesting books, neat ideas, spirituality, entertainment, etc. Just because we enjoy certain "finished products" does not automatically mean that we also enjoy the "process" that creates them. We may find a “finished product” delightful, but lending a hand to its creation dull. 

It seems to me that a happy career is one where a person finds joy in both the "processing" and the "finishing".

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  1. FaceBook Comments:

    Vikram A.: Shavuah Tov!

    Moshe MZS: It's true:-) to love what you do is a major bracha, may we all have it for the good:-)

    Choni : Amen!

    Chaviva AG: lovely!

    Elizabeth M.: Yup! It's a labor of love