Thursday, July 25, 2013

In His Domain

"Courage and Happiness are in His domain" ~ Psalms

Sadness comes from divisions and/or blockages. Do you know why God is so happy? Because He's Seamlessly One and Infinite. Being Seamless, no divisions or blockages are possible. Connect to Him and a spark of His happiness will rub off on you too.

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  1. FaceBook Comments:

    Sarai S. U. : Three valentines

    Ze'ev G.: Sounds like Shlomo Carlebach or Rebbe Nachman.

    Vikram A.: true..

    Choni : Truthfully Ze'ev G. if you're looking at the inspiration from that angle, it's Rabbainu Bachya Ibn Pequda filtered through Rebbe Nachman and dressed in Shlomo Carlebach.