Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Ultimate Soul Mate

If you truly believe in the Oneness then you truly believe that ultimately you are a soul mate with everyone and everything.

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    Maribel: Mine got hit by a Mack Truck, but right on my brutha! Shavua Tov!

    Hadassah: I Love that!!!

    Choni: Good morning Maribell : Yeah, I agree with you that it is a deep concept with impactful implications. I am of the opinion that a proper understanding of the Oneness is a key for so much spiritual understanding and positive changes in how we relate to everyone and everything. Very glibly people proclaim themselves monotheists following the legacy of Father Abraham. However, Abraham's job in introducing the world to monotheism is far from done because there are levels of monotheistic belief and each level carries different implications for guiding our attitudes and behavior.

    Choni: Good Morning Hadassah: I am glad to have brought you a thought that has warmed your heart. Like I explained just above to Maribell , if humans haven't learned peace and connectivity then their "monotheism" is seriously flawed. Ultimately, monotheism is monoism - not only that there's just one God, but, nothing else exists other than God. Therefore, all is One and loving another is literally loving oneself. Father Abraham's work in introducing the world to monotheism is far from done. There's clearly a piece of this work left over for our generation.

    Hadassah: It did thank you!!! I was just thinking about this the other day ... well more than just the other day... and I've been seeing myself as the trees and grass I'm around, the clouds and the wind... and people I'm with is next... The world and everything feels less scary and I feel more "in control" when I consciously do this.

    Ruth: I completely agree but this also reminds me of some branches of Buddhist thinking!

    Choni: To Ruth, there are similarities in mystical thought between Judaism and Buddhism. Why not?

    Hadassah: And between Judaism and Taoism... especially the sense of Oneness with all things... that I actually got from reading the Tao te Ching and Hua Hu Ching... and I can see that now in Judaism as well. At least it goes well together.

    Choni: Good evening Hadassah: Though not personally familiar with Toaism, I have heard such things before and they make sense to me. Judaism believes that through Noah, God had asked all humanity to believe in His Oneness. So it would make sense that something of that notion is in many of the world's spiritual belief systems. For me, the parallel outside Judaism that I one day wish to study is neoplatonism. It was a brand of Roman era Greek Philosophy whose central theme was an exploration the Oneness and the implications that flowed from such a notion.

    Hadassah: That does make sense if God asked Noah to ... since all people according to the store come from that family... I'll have to look up NeoPlatonism... though heard of it I haven't read into it a lot... some though. I really need to refresh my memory unless you feel up to it LoL.

    Choni: I don't know a whole lot about it either. However, maybe less so than Kabbalah, I study Medieval Jewish Philosophy, which I truly find very fascinating. I have a hunch that in certain cases, I'm hearing echoes of NeoPlatonism. So I want to examine what might be the source of those echoes. There was one very interesting book from that era, "Fons Vitae" which was a NeoPlantonic work written by Rabbi Shlomo Ibn Gabirol (the reputed author of the hymn "Adon Olam"). This work had a very interesting history. For a long time nobody knew who wrote it. Yet, it was a spiritual/philosophical work that was accepted by all three Abrahamic faiths. It was only in the past 200 years that the real author was discovered.

    Hadassah: Nice!!! I love discoveries!!! I have heard there was NeoPlatonism influence (if that is the appropriate word) on Jewish mysticism as well... definitely interested in it more now that you mention that.... and in Medieval Jewish Philosophy... basic Kabbalah I do enjoy.