Sunday, May 12, 2013

Safe Space

The Zohar teaches that the Creator’s central revelation, known as the “Shechina”, doesn’t shine exposed in isolation, but, rather comes packaged in a nurturing environment ~ a home.
In spiritual realms, she sits on a throne of glory, surrounded by four camps of angels. When she manifested on earth, she sat in a Tabernacle, surrounded by four camps of Jews.
With this protective layering over her revelation, she has created a safe space to expose her most intimate ones to her most cherished mysteries.
You too have cherished mysteries that you long to share. Create a safe space. Populate it with intimate confidants. Their presence will free you to tune into subtlety and get delightfully lost in higher self. Ahhhh…
~ Inspired by the "Zohar Matok M'Dvash" Volume 12, pages 17 - 25

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