Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Soul Soles

I've often heard that the Grand Rabbi Menachem Mendel Scheerson, of blessed memory, had taught that the generation of Jews who will greet the Messiah will be reincarnations of the Jews who were redeemed from Egypt.

In all sincerity this teaching raised a serious question in my heart, for which generation of Jews is not a reincarnation of the generation who were redeemed from Egypt? Let me explain my question a further. All Jewish souls  in all the subsequent generations derive from 600,000 root souls manifest in that generation, with each Jewish couple of that time sharing a single soul root. In later generations these souls further sub-divided - like a flame lighting many candles. Therefore, as the Jewish population grows beyond 600,000 couples it is possible for many people to be derived from a single root soul. This is the mystery of how every Jew was present at Mount Sinai (see  "The Gate of Reincarnation"). So why does  Rabbi Schneerson single out the generation who will greet the Messiah as reincarnations of the Jews who left Egypt, when this was seemingly also true of so many other generations as well?

Last week, while ruminating over this question in meditation, a possible answer arose in my mind. I think the Messiah's generation is probably the "feet" of those 600,000 root souls. I don't think any previous generation, as a whole, was the "feet" of those souls (i.e. soles of these souls). Chassidic teachings explain that the soles are imprinted by the energies of the entire person. This might be the spiritual basis for reflexology. The Jews who stood at Mount Sinai where probably the head (i.e. brains) of those souls. Each subsequent generation was possibly one soul level lower, going down the spiritual anatomy, until a generation whose the "soles" of these souls arise (which I truly hope is us). When a higher level incarnates, it outshines all lower soul sparks and their radiance is lost in the higher soul light - like the light of a lantern in high noon. So though the "feet" were also present at the foot of Mount Sinai, they were outshone by the "head". The same can be said for later generations, since all body levels are higher than the feet. 

If my understanding is correct then, paradoxically, the "feet" which stood around Mount Sinai, will become the "ears" for the revelation of Messiah's Torah.


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  1. Those souls at Mt. Sinai were definitely the Head. I believe some of these souls walk the earth today. We all have important jobs to do and we all make up the Body--from the Head to the Sole. As comparing to a Tree, the roots are responsible for holding it up. The deeper the roots, the higher the tree. Those at Mt.Sinai had/have to overcome the most and were the ones who strayed most in the beginning. They, therefore, will be the greatest over comers--will appreciate and will be able to understand almost everyone.