Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Trust ~ Daily Meditation

Recently, I was asked on facebook for a recommendation on how to maintain and even grow one's trust in the Creator.

I replied, "This is why even though I don't officially consider myself a full follower of Breslov Chassidic teachings, I try to practice Rebbe Nachman's recommendation to seclude myself with my Creator for an hour a day (or maybe two half hour sessions a day). I feel that for me talking and communing with the Creator daily does wonders for my trust in Him. It sensitizes me to His presence. I'm sure that just like there's a different key for each door, so too there's a different key for each person's spiritual growth."

The person whose question I answered appreciated my answer and requested that I craft a blog essay, cast in the spirit of my response.


Imagine you have the opportunity to spend time with someone who truly loves you, possibly a lover, a parent, a grandparent, a sibling, your child, a very close friend, etc. Wouldn't you crave for that special moment? Now let's imagine that even though you truly love this person with all your heart, somehow, this person loves you even more. Wouldn't this make the meeting so much more special? Wouldn't you yearn to bask in such an intense aura of love? Now, let's up the level. Let's say this person doesn't merely love you even more, this person loved you Infinitely. How does that make you feel? Don't you really crave spending time with this person?

I know I would and in a sense I do. Though the Creator is not a person, His love for each of us is literally Infinite. It's simple logic. Everything about Him is Infinite. There's nothing finite about Him. Therefore, if He loves, He loves Infinitely. Since He proclaimed His love for all people, He must love everyone Infinitely. This is why I crave time alone with Him each day - like a personal date with my Lover. In this space of time, I can pour out my thoughts, feelings and musings to the One Who loves me most.

Truthfully, even what I've shared till now is a vast understatement. He doesn't merely love me immeasurably more than I love Him, He loves me Infinitely more than I love myself. However much I love myself, it's still finite - as I'm a finite creation. He easily surpasses my limited self love just by being Infinite. So when I am pouring out my insides to my Creator, I am in the midst of a session with a Being Who loves me so profoundly that He loves me Infinitely more than I love myself. How can I possibly miss an opprtunity for such a precious connection? My hearts jumping in anticipation for the very next opportunity. To sit in the presence of this Being and spend time with Him in open communication is so pleasurable. I feel luckier than a child awaiting his first taste of birthday cake !

His love for me is so infathomable and so unconditional that I can trust Him with everything and anything. I can let my hair down and tell Him my most private thoughts that I dare not tell some of my closest friends. I can trust Him with them. Truthfully, He knows them anyways. It's the whisper of His voice that I hear right through them. Yet, despite His knowing, my own efforts to unravel before Him, to undress and expose my naked heart, contains a beauty all of it's own. I can trust Him with my emotional fragility and vunerabilites. My human weakness is  safe to expose before Him. His unconditional acceptance dissipates the shame of weakness.

Not only can I trust Him with all my emotional fragility and vunerabilites, but, I can also trust in His uncondtional love to handle my physical ones as well. I can trust Him to carry me through the journey of life, guiding me along the path which is ultimately for my best. Though I walk blindly, I implicitly trust my all knowing and all loving Creator to guide me along. He knows my journey. He designed it with Infinite Love.



  1. Posted by Choni:

    The response of the person who originally posed the question after reading this essay:

    I must say that I so impressed to see it was something a little different, looking at things at a different angle. I never thought about G-d's love that way before and now it changes my perspective. I always thought everything had been said already but I never saw this before. You've truly opened my eyes, Choni. When I read your essay- I must say that I got a tear in my eye. It was absolutely stunning what you said, what you put together on paper. I couldn't read the words fast enough because they were so beautiful. This one is going be a hit, Choni. I'm so happy that you took the time to write this, I am going to keep it as my inspiration every day, every day. KR had also written something very beautiful and also, DS. I should send those responses to you so you can read them. Do you mind if I share this with my friend?

    My Response back:

    Thank you for sharing with me what my essay did for you. It makes me so happy to help others grow and to give them the kind of surprise that causes a huge smile to break out across their face. I'm vibrating with joy! Now, I'm the one with a tear in my eye.

    Like everyone else my mind is multi-layered. When I initially answered you, I was able to give you an answer on one level. In a day or two the "answer behind the answer" surfaced and that's what went into my blog essay. Please share it with KR and DS and whomever else you feel it can benefit.

    ~ Best Wishes,

  2. Posted by Choni:

    Some FaceBook comments on this essay:

    JYG: Choni, the most beautiful expression ever written.

    ANM: True ... the only way to really know anyone is to spend time together ... there is no one I'd rather spend time with than The One ... :~)

    Choni Elchonon Kihleel: Amen !

    Choni Elchonon Kihleel: It is my hope to see people find their way to an open hearted relationship with the Creator with love. :)

    JYG: This is one of my favorite and most grasping paragraphs from your essay:

    "So when I am pouring out my insides to my Creator, I am in the midst of a session with a Being Who loves me so profoundly that He loves me Infinitely more than I love myself. How can I possibly miss an opprtunity for such a precious connection?"

    I hope everyone will take the time to read these very poignant and soulful words..