Sunday, November 20, 2011

Happy Birthday !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today is my birthday on the Jewish Calender - 23rd Cheshvon 5772

My meditation for today:

I admit to myself that in my past there were "three biggies" which served as my main doorways to happiness. They were my abilities, growth and achievements. My happiness was held hostage by these three "bandits"; or so I thought. Closer to the truth, I did not allow myself to be happy. I blocked it's inner flow as one plugs a fountain.

Today, I pray to my Creator to please turn this situation around. Please allow my happiness be a constant flow, streaming in from the sensation of life itself. Please allow my happiness become the main doorway to express my abilities, to grow and achieve. Please help these "three biggies" resonate off my happiness the way a lively melody dances off a fiddler's strings.


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