Sunday, February 21, 2010

Seems So Still

The Florida Everglades seems so still. Many consider it a swamp. Truthfully, it's a moving body of water. It just moves ever so slowly, at a speed of three feet per hour. It's the slowness of the movement that allows for the illusion of stillness.

Truthfully, the Creator is the only noun in existence. Everything else are verbs, moving entities - flowing with energies. So is it that so many entities seem so solid?

The secret is that their movements has been slowed down to a level where everything seems so still.

The reason why everything is flowing with energies is because the Creator is the default state of reality. The way other entities seem to exist is because the Creator flows life to them. This flow of life is like electricity flowing to a light bulb. If the electricity stops, the bulb instantly darkens. So too the whole creation is plugged into a constant flow of "divine electricity" to stay alive. If this flow were to stop, the whole creation would also. In fact, there would be no trace that the creation ever was.

The flow of divine energy into the universe serves as the soul of the universe. This soul branches out profusely, becoming souls to many of the other entities in existence. The lower the entity the slower the flow. The higher the entity, the faster the flow.

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