Tuesday, February 16, 2010

If Your Heart Runs, Return to One.

"If Your Heart Runs, Return to One."

The ancient mystical text, "The Book of Formation" advises a mystic whose gone too deeply into a meditative trance and is likely to depart from the earth plane, "If your heart runs, return to One."

In other words, remember that the Creator is as accessible for a relationship on earth as He is in paradise. The only difference is in the level of revelation, not in actual presence. In paradise the revelations are much sweeter, but they are not a measure of the Creator's presence. Being truly One, means that there's no entity other than Him and His presence is evenly distributed throughout reality. He's not more present in one realm than He is in another. So there's no need to escape the physical, as He's just as much here as there.

This morning on my way to work I realized that the phrase "If your heart runs, return to One" not only applies to the deeply meditating mystic, but also the ordinary folk who are busy with day to day life. When working hard in the mundane sphere, a person is likely to feel dejected and wonder, "I'm not leading a life of devotional activity. I'm busy with plain and physical endeavors. The heights of consciousness and divine sweetness attained by the mystics is something very distant from my experience. Do I really have a valued and meaningful relationship with my Creator?"

To this the "The Book of Formation" responds, "If your heart runs, return to One."; Meaning that if heart runs away with these painful feelings over your spiritual state, return to One - return to the centering thought that all is One. He's equally accessible for a relationship all over and in each and every situation.

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