Monday, February 22, 2010

Letting in the Light

A drop of light, dissipates much darkness
(A Hasidic Saying)

Tonight, while coming home from work on the train, I closed my eyes in meditation, only to discover my heart engulfed in a tormenting sea of uncomfortable desires. At first I was not sure what to do? Then I realized that this is my meditation time and I should not allow myself to be lured away from it. So I started contemplating on the Creator's Oneness and how everything is truly One essence.

Soon enough, the contemplation did not remain cerebral, but my heart also joined in on the action. I was feeling an emotional impact. It was like the contemplation was going on in two places at once, each in it's own way. It was going on both in my mind and in my heart.

On the emotional side, there was a sensation that all reality radiates with the Creator's love. Whether my feelings were real or not, I was feeling truly loved by my Creator. It was a deliciously supportive feeling. I felt like no matter what, He's holding my hand. He wants me.

In this state of love, the unwanted desires just disappeared. They took off like an unsuccessful salesman who has just been shown that the customer already own a better version of his product.

There was no conscious effort to quiet these desires. Simply letting in the light did the magic all on it's own.

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