Friday, May 19, 2017

Unfolding Destiny

Much of my soul has yet to move in,
 My body n’ surroundings only dimly lit.

I welcome a brighter light,
 Please send me my saintly guide.

I used to fear his company,
 Fear that he’d totally take over,

I’d end up becoming him,
 N’ cease being uniquely me.

Today, I know the truth,
 Light really attracts light.

His soulwaves will magnetize,
 My own higher levels to manifest.

Though spiritual, I am neither a ...
~ Philosopher, Scholar nor Kabbalist.

I have the soul of a “Chassid”;
 A being in personal relationship with You!

My writings are “touchy feely”,
 Mostly, personal rather than abstract.

I tend towards heartfelt poetry,
 A feeling core from whence to unfold essays;

As colorful petals tightly packed,
 Open into gracefully tender flowers.

My writings are prayers,
 They’re tender acts of worship n’ love.

They flow through me,
 Birthing fresh parts of my identity.

I share them to reach others,
 Meaning, the “me” in others.

A scattered “me” can’t serve You,
 As well as a “me” united n’ coalesced.

Hopefully, the “me” in others,
 Will recognize my words n’ awake.

Their new dawn will be mine,
 As my saintly guide makes me shine.



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