Sunday, May 7, 2017

Face Morph

Moses ascends celestial heights,
 Amidst masses of angelic lights.

They ask, “Why are you so near?”.
 “To receive Tablets awaiting here.”

“Go away!”, the angels burn.
 “Are such gems for flesh to yearn?”

“These treasures aren't for you,
 “ Beings devoid of what's really true!”

Suddenly, God morphs Moses’ face.
  N’ Abraham's face takes its place.

“Be ashamed!”, His voice notes.
 “Is this how you treat your host?”

“He provided you food n’ drink.”
 “Can't you cast him a kindly wink?”

“The clock has cosmically changed,
 “Something new has been arranged.”

“As Abraham graciously hosted you,
 “So, his descendants will do too.”

“No longer will I feed you light,
 “But by Jewish struggle in night;

“As they raise up many a spark,
 “From what's earthly n’ dark!”

“From these sparks you’ll eat,
 “Delicacies of sacrificial heat.”



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