Saturday, October 29, 2016


I thought I hired a domestic help professional. But when I entered my front door the other evening, I discovered that I actually hired a domestic artist.  She reimagined my living space and that inspires me to do so as well.  In small ways, I find myself almost automatically tidying up along the pattern she set, taking it baby steps to advance her vision for my living space even further.  

In the beginning of Genesis we read about how the Creator spent six days building a home for humanity. He imagined and implemented a beautiful living space for us called the Garden of Eden. He simply requested that Adam and Eve tidy up a small remaining corner of their home along the pattern He already set by not eating of the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge; thereby, making their home into even more of a home. Of course the first couple did not obey and their home suddenly turned very messy - into even less of a home, which is the world we see around us.

Since the dawn of humanity, we have been charged with the mission of making the world into our home along the patterns already set by our Creator. Paradise is already such a home. It has no untidy patches. However, being earthlings means that our work is to turn planet earth into such a home.

The conclusion of a certain significant phase of our work will usher in the beginning of the messianic era. Since the messianic era itself is multi-phased, as we will travel further along its timeline, earth will turn more and more into home. Quite possibly, it will one day turn into a home for its animal population as well; as seems indicated by the Prophet Isaiah.    

There is a mystical teaching that our real efforts entail transforming the earth into a home for the Creator. However, what better way is there to make the earth into His home than to make it into our home? The Creator is beyond the need for a home. He rejoices in giving! His happiness is the happiness He gives His creations. When His creations are at home in His world, so is He. Yes, He rejoices in how we feel.

Shabbat is a small taste of this upcoming era. Shabbat is all about settling into a zone we call, "Home". We work six days to prepare our homes, becoming domestic artists, so that one day a week we can experience our home in a more ideal state; enjoying home life as it is meant to be. In this sacred space, people focus on each other and easily bond without outside distractions - yes, heart to heart. Each can make a home in his/her own heart for the other. It’s safe space and sacred space for relationships to form and grow. Here people love and feel loved.


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