Wednesday, October 5, 2016

From "A" to "The"

As You fill every drop of space,
 So You fill every moment in time.
You're the ultimate of goodness.
 Where You are, there's goodness,
Only goodness!
 A gleaming core of goodness.
In every moment we are in,
 Right here is Your goodness.
If here, how can we find it?
 Maybe it's too beyond for us.
Yet, we can have some access.
 It's small, but yet so important.
It may seem like a tiny drop,
 Inhabiting an immense ocean.
Yet it isn't as tiny as it appears,
 As it touches the very goal of life.
Even if we can't find "the" good,
 In any moment we can do "a" good.
While it may not be "the" good,
 It certainly is validly "a" part of it;
More than simply being part of it,
 The "a" good might be our only role.
So even if we find not "the" good,
 By doing "a" good, "the" good finds us;
As "like finds like",
 In sweet cosmic alignment.

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