Wednesday, December 9, 2015

One Tethered by Both

The practical n' mystical squabbled.
Each thought humans had to choose.
Each sought to be the dominant one;
Humanity's main inner guiding voice.
The mystical claimed, "Highest logic!"
The practical claimed, "Real results."
Around n' round they dizzily spun;
Gathered followers, bolstered ranks.
Till one tethered by both arrived;
Blending the two streams as one.
He discovered their shared soul.
He found it behind "highest logic".
What lay beyond its mountains?
A meta mystical terrain of prelogic.
The prelogical makes no sense,
For it transcends making sense.
From here, prophecy emerged,
From here, came forth scripture.
A new mysticism was identified,
A flow from a vastly higher level,
One which supports paradoxes,
Coexistence of opposite streams.
Often one needs to reach higher,
To reach lower n' all in between.


1 comment:

  1. Choni: The inspiration for this poem is the figure of the Alter Rebbe; a man clearly pulled by Judaism's mystical and practical streams and mastered both by explaining their point of convergence.