Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Monism - the Essentials

Supreme Oneness is perfect,
 He's devoid of any parts at all.

Entities with parts are not one,
 As parts betray inner multiplicity.

Absence of parts means no ...
  Beginnings, middles or ends,

No beginning, middle or end,
 Equals being Absolutely Infinite.

True Infinity has no "outside".
 Hence, He's all encompassing.

He contains the entire creation,
 All the realms - spiritual n' earthly.

Hence, we're inside Oneness,
 Yet, we only sense fragmentation.

Seamless Oneness is elusive,
 Even while immersed within Him.

Such a contradiction! How?
 By having our perceptions limited,

He shapes our world into form;
 The very form we all perceive.

So all we see is so really real,
 But also so highly edited of edited.

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  1. FaceBook Comments:

    Liza: Beautiful Choni. If we can manage to stop believing in thought so much, we can overcome limited perception. We're either inside or outside mode of life, at least in a knowing.

    Gal: Spinoza, who I believe was the Prince of philosophical thought & father of Monism, was put in cherem (excommunication) from the Jewish community & was buried in as Christian. Just an FYI, from Rav Levinshtein's thoughts. The Rambam fought the Philosophy of Europe & many other Chachamim (the Gr"a, Rav Emden, etc.) did believe in mystical thought if one was to research enough. See Chaba"d writings for more.

    Gal: Gal Einai ve'Habita Niflaot mi'Toratecha, Choni.

    Choni: Gal, are you sure that you are confusing monism and pantheism? Spinoza was a pantheist, the Alter Rebbe was a monist. A monist is someone who takes "ein od milvado" literally. The post above is a combination of "Chovot HaLivavot" and "Tanya".

    Gal: Choni, Chabad was a form of Monism & Spinoza was another called "natural monism" ~ one must be careful to confuse the 2. I am certain you can research the topic further. Tanya & so too, Chovot Halevavot w/o a proper pirush can lead one to misunderstand the "ein od Milvado" concepts. Also, there are certain parts of the helige seforim one needs to be mekabel from another. The reason, Chaba"d has hitvadut.

    Choni: I don't even know the Spinozan version of monism. I am only talking about the Chabad version. That's all I know anyways.

    Gal: Baruch Hashem to that !!! Breslev has a good song u reminded me of called: "lo yodea klum".
    עיקר הידיעה שנדע שלא נדע. שמעת את זה פעם ?

    Wendy: This reminds me of a conversation we had a long time ago. I like this. smile emoticon

    Choni: smile emoticon

    Batya: Deep and so much of what's being felt lately

    Choni: What's in the post is really a combination of two classic works, which I believe though written centuries apart were really intended to be in sequence to each other. They are Rabbi Bachya ibn Pequda's "Gate of Unity" & the Alter Rebbe's "Gate of Unity and Faith".

    Mordehay: Perfect

    Choni Elchonon Kihleel Thank you Holy Brother. smile emoticon