Monday, September 7, 2015

Wheels of Love

The wheels of love keep spinning,
 A universe with life keeps teeming.

Love, its core nutritive element,
 Courses through each artery n' vein.

With it flowers keep on blossoming,
 And birds keep chirping sweet songs.

Generations of creatures come,
 And yes, ultimately they also go.

Love fills time with both Ebb and Flow,
 As both actors dance on the same stage.

King David pleaded for length of life,
 Until he was shown Solomon's reign.

Its glorious vision dazzled his eyes.
 And in love, his request was retracted.

Love's the only true Divine emanation.
 All else is mere clothing layered over.

Ensure love's your core expression too.
 So you will succeed in imitating His ways.


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