Monday, September 21, 2015

Stratified Fishing

We're immersed in a spiritual sea,
An ocean of varied stratified depth.
We inhabit a tiny earth realm,
An air bubble in midst of the sea;
A bubble of bare significance,
A mere drop in a vast watery enclave.
Can we reach outside the bubble?
Yes, not with hands, with our souls.
Shorter souls reach nearby strata,
While longer souls reach further out.
Each strata has unique species of fish,
Packets of light awaiting soulful grasp.
Those closer in are plentifully caught,
While those further out, rarely reached.
They're on reserve for longer souls,
Whose soul length extends out there.
They have special fishing methods,
But don't try them, unless you're them;
For any absence in soul length,
Will render their methods useless.
Best to befriend the longer souls.
Then they'll share their unique catch.
The taste may be second hand,
But still better than your own cuisine.
Yet don't abandon your own gatherings,
For they help you digest the higher fish.

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