Saturday, April 25, 2015

Ever Deeping Love ~ a prayer


Dearest Sweet Beloved Divine Parent,

Thank You for this opportunity to commune with You. My Beloved tells me that she has difficulty placing her feelings for me in words. She finds words fail her. They’re inadequate. To be totally honest, I am in the same state with my feelings for her. My vocabulary feels stretched and reshaped by emoting to her. My words feel like vessels never truly intended to convey such lights. How can such a magnanimous word like “love” convey all it’s shades, hues and intensities?

Now one understands the value of the intimate experience. I may not be able to convey to my Beloved all my feelings in words, but, I can invite her into the space of my being to feel for herself. Here, we can feel of each other what our words couldn’t say.

During the intimate experience we undress our souls, laying open bare what is normally covered and layered with what we show the world. Intimacy is not a show, nor is it intended as entertainment. It’s about two people seeking a deeper experience of beingness in another; seeking to expose what’s one about them at the core.

Isn’t this a great metaphor for prayer, as prayer is about seeking intimacy with the Supreme Lover. It begins with words. Yet, soon words go silent and then cease. Meditation takes over, as it goes beyond words.

All the words of Torah and mystical models of Kabbalah can’t contain the depth of the experience of You. They can only point in it’s direction.

Today, I pray for the experience of my Beloved. I pray that through a deepening experience of each other, together in singular soul we are blessed and blissed with an ever deepening experience of You.

Thank You for this prayer. 

Love and Kisses ...

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