Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The Afterglow Asleep

We need to be thankful for the simple gifts.

It’s truly a treat to feel awake and not like someone who's dragging along. A body needs to be healthy to do one’s life purpose correctly. Otherwise, one is operating more from a state of “surrounding light” rather than “inner light”. One feels like the body isn’t absorbing the lights flowing from the soul, but, is rather being coerced and burdened by the surrounding soul - whose presence in the sleepy body is tenuous. Sleep creates a bridge which restores the connection. The body shuts out of consciousness to align with the flows of the soul. What a gift!

This reminds me of the early cosmic story found in Lurianic Kabbalah about the “line of light” entering the “afterglow”, an event which molded the pattern for each subsequent instance of a soul entering a body. Ultimately, the “line of light” and the “afterglow” are not made of two separate materials. They are just two different states of Infinite Light. One state is closer to the original than the other - though not in actuality, but, merely as a greater revelation of the original.

The “afterglow” is the Infinite Light which is so deeply suppressed that she’s stuck. She’s lost much of her flexibility which easily came with her former Infinite state. Yet, her hardened state readies her for reaching down into lower levels. The “line of light” is closer to the original Infinite state. He’s still flexible enough to guide and direct the “afterglow”. However, he’s too intangible to reach lower. Instead, he reaches higher. Their connection forms an uninterrupted spiritual cable reaching from higher high to lower low.

Yet, strangely the afterglow needs a deeper sleep, a state of seemingly deeper distance from the liveliness produced by her most previous contact with her Source, to reconnect with her Source afresh. This is like a temporary descent for a higher ascent. Why does the reconnection need to occur in such a paradoxical way and what might “sleep” look like on the “afterglow” level?

In deeper sleep, the “afterglow” more fully surrenders to the line of light. Lingering flashes of life from previous connections are just residuals of the past. They’re not real connections. They’re more like the old stored up juice in a battery on the wane, which operates independently of any recent connection. The “sleep” works because its a submission, surrender, to a restorative higher power. It creates a deeper negative polarity which draws the flow.

The afterglow must go into states of deeper surrender, deeper negative polarity, to truly receive from the line of light. These are states where the afterglow gives up the claim that she can do it on her own. That’s her state of sleep, her ultimate salvation. Similarly with a human being, sleep is the body’s state of surrender to the soul.

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