Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Shifting Higher

Today, in a Barnes & Nobles cafe' a couple of friends were showing my children X-Man and Wolverine graphic novels. They explained to me that there are some nifty metaphysical ideas behind these comics, especially time travel and dimensional shifts. It all sounded nicely advanced. Yet, I was disturbed that despite access to such levels of metaphysics, the world depicted in these comics was still stuck in the paradigm of the struggle between good and evil. 

I commented, "What if we had access to such spiritual knowledge and technology before we transcend the paradigm of good verses evil, can you imagine how dangerous our existence will become?"

There was a nod of acknowledgement.

Later, I reflected back on this discussion and realized that there's nothing to worry about at all. It's not possible to even gain access to such spiritual knowledge and technology before transcending the paradigm of good verses evil. Their struggle depends on a certain level of free choice, which naturally dissipates in the face of deeper spiritual revelations.  So by the time we get there, if there will be any struggle at all, it won't be between good and evil at all. Rather, it will probably be between good and better (which might actually be a greater challenge).

I learned from Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan's translation and commentary on "Sefer Yetzirah" that every realm has it's own unique framework of time, space and soul. So by entering a more spiritual version of time and space, one has also entered a more spiritual level of soul - which essentially is a higher state of revelation. At this new level, the balance between what's spiritually revealed and concealed changes; shifting the whole framework of free choice higher. If free choice is brought up to a high enough level and the concealment sufficiently dissolves, the Creator's Will fills every crevice within the human soul and free choice is past history.

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