Sunday, May 25, 2014

The Hidden Potential Behind Spatial Directions

This essayed lesson assumes some basic knowledge of the Lurianic version of how creation began, including notions like the Infinite Light, the Contraction, the Cosmic Void, the Afterglow and the Line of Light (Circular and Linear Sefirot). It also assumes some basic knowledge, mainly taught by Rabbi Ashlag, of how dissimilar repels and similar attracts. Please also, note that much of what I convey here is not explicitly stated in the source material and is my own attempt to reconcile cosmic narrative issues I notice in the texts.

In Kabbalah, the spatial directions denote different divine attributes. Right or south is kindness, left or north is severity and so on. We’re taught that their dissimilarity sets them apart in different directions. Furthermore, these attributes don’t merely fill the directions, they make the directions.  Yes, when the circular sefirot, cosmic void and afterglow are the only emanated existence, there’s no such a thing as direction. The entire infrastructure of the developing creation is directionless and spherical (so to speak).

In such a state, direction is only a potential. It’s the linear sefirot, in the form of man, which later on introduces the direction factor. In the meanwhile, the void and afterglow expand out on the basis of potential direction - for that’s all the dissimilarity they posses to serve as a basis for repelling into opposite directions. A side of the universe that could potentially contain kindness is latently dissimilar to a side of the universe that could potentially contain severity and so on. Their expansion apart from each other is driven by a hidden dissimilarity, which will only be revealed when the Line of Light descends, which hasn’t happened yet on the earthly realm. (From my perspective, the earthly realm or physical universe is merely the aspect of the cosmic void detectable to humans. The same cosmic void detected by souls and angels, appears like a spiritual spiritual realm. It’s all in the eyes of the beholder.)  

We’re still waiting for our direct infusion of the Line of Light. Yet, our realm displays some vague effects from the fact that the Line of Light is already present in higher realms. Among these vague effects are: the Torah, human endowed with free choice, hierarchies (even in the animal kingdoms), the linear logic underlying much of nature (like mathematics), etc. However, on this realm, much of these linear displays are temporary and easily overrun by the dominating circularity.

This is why when an observer peers into space, a slice of space ten light years east is probably made of the same material as a similar slice of space ten light years west. If both were culled and examined in a laboratory, they’d probably demonstrate the exact same fabric and formation. If they were mixed like cards in a deck, they probably couldn’t be told apart.

Though the fabric east and west would look identical, there’s something in their hidden potential which is different. If the researcher had waited to cull these same fabrics after the Line of Light comfortably settled into the earthly realm, they would be noticeably differentiated.


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