Monday, May 5, 2014

Everyday Every Holiday

Shavuah Tov FB Friends.

Reflecting on this Shabbat, I think the lesson which I found most inspiring is that every day we have the energies of all the Biblical Holidays with us: starting with the freedom of Passover and ending with the laughter of Purim.

So I asked myself, "What does my personal Passover look like for me today?" I was surprised how easily an answer that made sense to me emerged. I actually was directed to a psychological issue that I never before considered "removable". It was one that has compromised my ability to express aspects of my identity for years and years. I now saw that my bondage to this inner force was an illusion built on a misconception. I could easily break free.

You might want to try this internal exercise for yourself. It might yield some interesting results.

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