Friday, March 7, 2014

Worth It!

A Tidbit from the Zohar on this week's Torah portion:

When God wanted to create man, there were some heavenly politics. The angels asked in protest, "Who is man that you should be mindful of him...?" (Psalms 8:5) What they were saying was that man can be so flawed that he's not worth creating. Thankfully, God did not heed their protests and man was created.

At the beginning of Leviticus the Tabernacle was newly built and God called to Moses, inviting him to enter. The Hebrew word for "And He called" is "Vayikra". The Zohar notes that if you scramble the letters of "Vayikra" a new word appears, "Okir", which means to honor.

In keeping with the protocol not to honor a person to his/her face, when God openly said "Vayikra" to Moses, secretly He communicated "Okir" to the angels. With this he was telling them, "Look at the greatness and holiness of Moses. He ought to be honored. Wasn't man worth creating after all?"

Shabbat Shalom friends

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