Sunday, March 2, 2014

A Session of Thanks


Dearest Sweet Beloved Divine Parent,

Happy Rosh Chodesh Adar Sheni!

Thank You for a beautiful Shabbat. Thank You for special time with the children. Thank You for Your constant kindness. Thank You for the constant experience of Your kindness. Just getting out of bed and feeling healthy is already an amazing experience of Your kindness. The seemingly simple is not so simple. The older we get, the more we appreciate it. There was a classical musician who composed a musical moment in a piece to represent sunrise in his youth and a second time in old age. The second representation was much grander than the first. Obviously, his appreciation of something that seems like it’s naturally on “automatic pilot” grew with age.

However, I feel that possibly the youth are blind or at least not too sensitive to the constant miracles of existence that comprise “normal life” because You want youth to be youth. You want their attention and focus elsewhere. They are in the stage of building their interests and life passions. They are in a stage where they’re building life skills - including interpersonal skills. Also, such appreciation of simplicity may require some life experience, which develops over the course of time.

So thank You for the seemingly simple things of life. Maybe, I don’t need to have deep cosmic knowledge to offer You thanks. There’s plenty to thank You for with the everyday around me that I see, feel, hear, taste and touch. There’s plenty to thank You for about the people in my life who care for me and love me. There’s plenty to thank You for about the simple physical, emotional and intellectual pleasures I experience. There’s plenty to thank You for over the technology that enhances my life - even for something as simple as indoor plumbing, let alone the internet. There’s plenty to thank You for regarding having a livelihood. There’s plenty to thank You for regarding having children.

I’m sure there’s plenty to thank You for regarding the cosmically higher realms and all they contain. However, I certainly have not exhausted thanking You for the miracles of life right within my perceptive proximity. Please help me thank You more for these and not escape off into the beyond. Ultimately, my interest in Jewish mysticism is about “regular people” learning the mystical knowledge necessary to usher in the messianic era in a state of love, without suffering. It is not an intellectual “ivory tower” quest of the rare Talmudic scholar or the initiate into the mysteries. So my interest in Jewish mysticism should be more on the user friendly side and incorporate a huge dose of daily regular life - just appreciating it more deeply.

Thank You for a session of thanks.

Love and Kisses ...  


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