Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Vast Intellectual Space

Our sages have generously provided a vast intellectual space around the mystical and holy. In this safe zone, those not yet ready to engage can at least explore and consider. However, the ease of traveling around in this intellectual space should not be confused with having actually "arrived" at the destination.

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  1. Comments from the FaceBook posting of this inspiration:

    Terian: For certain

    Ze'ev: I like this. Please elaborate.

    Eric: This is very similar to what I tell my physics students... 'Familiarity with an idea is not the same as truly understanding the idea'

    Ze'ev: Does this mean that Chazal leave us hints about kabbala and the mystical dimension of Torah and encapsulate these truths in a subtle way without telling the whole story or am I reading this incorrectly?

    Angela: I have been thinking these very same thoughts lately.

    Choni: To Ze'ev : One can study Chassidus, Hashkafah, Theoretical Kabbalah, Machshavah, Chakirah and excel in navigating these areas of spiritual thought and still indulge in a nice juicy chocolate cake on a weekday or look forward to other worldly pleasures (however, refined). This indicates that the person has not had a truly lasting impactful direct encounter with holiness. S/he has just learned how to swim around in the surrounding intellectual space. While this is very nice and even important, it's not the ultimate of human spiritual potential.