Sunday, September 29, 2013

Illumination - Within & Surrounding

Translated from Hebrew:

Each body has two soul levels - inner and surrounding. The inner soul level is for conducting the body, while the surrounding soul level is for connecting higher. Paralleling this pattern, the sefirot (the ten basic forces behind creation) also have inner lights and surrounding lights. That’s why the instant the spiritual root of vessels become revealed as a notion, the notion of these two lights are also present [in this divine thought].

It’s of tremendous benefit when each portion of the inner soul level has a counterpart which is parallel to the surrounding soul level. This allows the entire soul to experience transcendent connection - resulting in the entire soul being greatly illuminated and cherished. Therefore, the ten sefirot above have ten inner lights and ten surrounding lights, for there is no portion of the inner soul level which does not have a parallel portion to connect to above in it’s source; namely, a portion which cannot be bounded within the confines of the inner soul level.

However, with the descent of levels, the aspect of surrounding lights are only found in higher portions [of the inner soul levels or lights], for they are great and cherished. Their illumination is too great to be entirely confined within. Then what remains of them outside connects above. However, the lower portions [of the inner soul levels or lights] don’t share in this. They all remain confined within vessels, without connecting above.  

~ “Divine Knowledge”, p. 28, a quote from Rabbi Moshe Chaim Luzzatto

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