Saturday, February 16, 2013

A Sachet of Myrrh

4 Adar 5773, in a Starbucks in Philadelphia

Dearest Sweet Beloved Divine Parent,

Thank You for the kindness of being able to have a session with You in the morning. Thank You for the kindness You constantly provide. My soul calls to You for fresh insights into what I study. What sticks out in mind is the verse, “You are like a sachet of myrrh lying between my breasts.” (Song of Songs 1:13) This is a very beautiful expression of love of a woman to a man. She’s saying to him, “You are the perfume of my heart.” or “You are the perfume of my emotions.” Taking this message even more deeply, “I cherish you very deeply. I internalize you.”

This is not ultimately a statement of emotional functionality or emotional enhancement. It’s a statement of longing, pining and cherishing. Its love at her most ideal, her finest; Filled with heat and passion. It’s beautiful, hope filled.

What lover is saying to lover, “I hold you between my breasts, the sensitive soft area where I nurture from. You are like a child to me whom I nurture from what’s most delicate and soft about me. I bring you back to earlier stages of life, the stages prior to firmly formed identity. So our identities can start again, in a way that includes each other. This way we can “identity blend”. We can become legs extending from the same core body.

Souls in love, hear what splendid opportunity awaits you. Let it resound in your hearts. Follow your trail … return to your Eden. It’s lying between your breasts; breasts that protrude encompass and internalize. All the new technologies cannot bring you a pleasure as deep and as sweet as this pleasure of old. The ancient Solomon knew of its delights, as the future messiah will.

We all long for You, each in his/her own unique style. A person who has turned away from You is just a disappointed lover. Please woo us back to You. Entice us with Your delights. Seduce us with a true relationship. Deeper than we can ever say, “We want You!”

Please show us that sachet of myrrh that lies between Your breasts. Entice us to show You ours.

Thank You for opening me to these words.

Love and Kisses ...

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