Tuesday, January 1, 2013

To Obsess or to Pray?

Do you know the difference between an obsession and a prayer? An obsession is a human wish that tapers off into a very narrow focus, while a prayer is a human wish that expands out into the embrace of the Creator's Wish. :)


  1. Comments from my FB post:

    Yamile: Beautiful

    Choni: Toda Yamile

    Nechama: love it! I am reposting!

    Chata: Awesome! Toda ach!

    Choni: Thank you Nechama for your support and willingness to share this post. I think it's important for people to understand the line between the two.

    Choni: With pleasure Chata. It was my contemplation walking to Shul this past Friday right after candle lighting.

    Chata: How I pray that H'Shem Will allow me to one day WALK to Shul. Now I am in the wilderness, and understand why. B"H

    Choni: To Chata: I pray that He will allow you to walk to Shul as well soon. In the meanwhile, regardless, your prayers are intensely valuable. My contemplation I happened to do while walking to Shul. However, there are plenty of other opportunities as well which I'm sure you can.

    Chata: Truth One day. And yes, the opportunities are in His Time and never mine. B"H

    Choni: I believe with you that you will recover and it will be.

    Chata: B"H

    Choni: Yes!

    Choni: Then I believe that the very first place you will walk to is Synagogue, to thank Him.

    Chata: YES! I cannot wait It is a dream Toda achi

    Choni: Its a dream that will B"H come true! Keep praying. Pray for everyone you can. When you pray for others, you add strength to your own prayers:)

    Chata: Amen :)

  2. From Nechama’s FaceBook Repost:

    Nechama: Thank you Choni.

    Choni: My greatest pleasure Nechama

    Nechama: ;)

    Chava: Love this!!!! May I re post this, please?

    Nechama: I don't think Choni would mind.

    Choni: Of course Chava, you're more than welcome to repost.