Friday, December 14, 2012

Nothing is Coincidental

A joyful month of Tevet and Happy Chanukah:

It is interesting to me that Chanukah is unique among the Jewish Holidays for occupying time slots in two different months. The first month is Kislev, which astrologically is Sagittarius and the second month is Tevet, which has the sign Capricorn. If one looks to western astrology, one notices that the trait ascribed to Sagittarius seem to generally resemble a Greek: philosophical and athletic. Whereas, Capricorn seems to generally resemble a Roman: a quest for conquest, power, earthly stability and status.

Jewish history spans five major world dominating empires: Egypt, Babylon, Persia, Greece and Rome (i.e. Roman inspired civilization). We are now at the tail end of the Roman period awaiting the arrival of the messianic era. To me it is interesting that a Holiday whose celebration spans from the end of the Greek period into the entire Roman period should span from the end of Kislev, Sagittarius, through the beginning of Tevet, Capricorn. Nothing is coincidental.


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