Saturday, March 10, 2012

Life's Two Sided Puzzle

There is a parable about a two sided puzzle. One side features a complicated detailed design. It is tediously challenging to piece together. However, if flipped over, the other side features the simple face of a child. This side was really a cinch to master. It is obviously better to work from the simple side and automatically the complicated side will come together on its own.

There are many books, videos and consultants working hard at solving life's issues for the masses. Very often these well-meaning attempts are toying with the complicated side of life's puzzle. Even when they are successful, there may have been an easier way.

What I learned from Jewish mysticism is that the easy side of life's puzzle is to make oneself into a vessel for the Creator's light. One can simply keep asking oneself as often as needed, "How do I turn myself into a vessel for the Creator's light?"

If it was meant to, the rest is bound to easily fall into place.


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