Friday, March 16, 2012

The Afterglow on the Grow !

The basic premises that this essay is formulated upon, can be found in the following two essays:

1) "Future Couple" at
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Our earthly realm is in an "afterglow" stage. Every realm in creation follows Kabbalah's basic three stage pattern of growth called in Hebrew, "ibur", "yenika" and "mochin" - which means in English, a fetal stage, nurturing and maturity. Being in an "afterglow" stage is a realm's "fetal" stage. A developing fetus in a womb or an egg receives very little from the outside surrounding environment of which s/he has no real awareness of. So too our realm is largely closed off to the larger spiritual context that surrounds her. Yet, there's minute traffic with the surrounding outside through our realm's semi-permeable membrane.

As a realm grows, she enters a "yenika" or nuturing phase. In this phase some of the outside enters in a more prominent and pronounced way ~ through the "ray" of light. The first entry of the ray is feminine, bringing along spherical spiritual forces, i.e. "sefirot", from the surrounding outside.    In this stage the "ray" of light enters and spreads out into a realm in the form of a sphere. This is like a child being entered by his/her mother through nursing. The tendency of liquid is to follow the contours of the medium it finds itself in. The mother's milk is liquid. So too, the initial entry of surrounding spiritual forces is spherical because it's following the spherical contours of the freshly entered realm. For a child this stage is a critical time of emotional and personality development.

When a realm grows even further, she enters a "mochin" or intelligence/maturity stage. The "ray' of light brings into the realm even more outside light by introducing the linear spiritual forces, i.e. "sefirot", from the surrounding outside. This light is more solid, not bending to the contours of the newly entered realm. It comes through as a straight penetrating cable of light - like a spinal cord. In personal growth this would be marked by the stage when a person joins his/her father's world ~ outside the immediacy and nurturing softness of the childhood home. 

Our earthly realm was not created in the in the sense that all other realms were created. If Adam and Eve hadn't eaten from the fruit, our realm would have probably been skipped altogether. Our realm is merely the product eaten from the forbidden fruit while being in possession of the free choice to resist the temptation. Since the earthly realm, as it appears to us, wasn't considered ideal, its likely that not as much was invested into creating the new realm to catch Adam and Eve in case they ate. What makes sense is that much more divine focused was placed into creating a new perfected realm in the hope that they will pass the test. The realm we currently find ourselves in was merely the contingency plan, the life raft. 

As a result, our earthly realm had to be newly contrived and had to start from the beginning fetal stages of any realm, as an "afterglow".  Once the "afterglow" sufficiently grows, she'll be entered by the "ray " of light.



  1. Choni,

    I agree with every word. You're able to see into all realms--what we call past, present, and future--sideways, vertical and horizontal. You have a rare gift of being a "seer", not as in fortunetelling--but as in the word "prophet".

  2. Dear Angela,

    Thank you for enjoying my essays and for your lovely comment.

    I'd like to clarify for you what's going on inside of me. Truthfully, much what I have written was already stated in classical works of Kabbalah written in Hebrew. It didn't take any "prophecy" to simply retell what I had already read. That being said, my retelling was interwoven with surprising insights which became the centerpiece of these essays. I'm still left breathless and surprised that the Creator sent me these insights. I didn't actually see into a spiritual realms. What really happened was that in states of deep prayer and/or contemplation insights were flashed into my mind and heart. I don't know what this experience is called in English. I am wondering what you call it.

    Best Wishes & Blessings,
    ~ Choni

  3. You're receptive to see what is true and what is not. This is within itself a gift! Wisdom is something a person is born with--not acquired by age. It is the soul's past, so progress is shown during this lifetime.

  4. Thank you for noticing this about me and sharing your feedback. :)