Thursday, February 23, 2012

Beauty in Confluence

One of my teachers commented on my past blog, "Future Couple". He referred to it as "beautiful" and added that beauty is when Unity and Infinity come together as one. It's amazing that while writing the essay I stumbled upon "beauty" without realizing it, for in essence that is what the essay was about; male and female coming together as the confluence of Infinity and Oneness. So true beauty is when the polarities of male and female meet. 

This helps explain why the divine expression know in Hebrew as "Tiferet" is located right in the middle of the "Tree of Life" (a configuration of the ten main divine expressions). Often the translation used for "Tiferet" is beauty. The place of "beauty" is the confluence and reunion of of opposite expressions of the same essence; thus, lending the core essence a variety of expressions of latent inner potentials which were previously locked up, rendered mute, within the very oneness of the original essence. Now, there's beauty because of the presence of the original essence plus the expressions of inner, often opposite, potentials. Wow, to such a picture of beauty !

I could just imagine the resurrection. We'll each perceive in the next person the soul and body together - meaning, the core essence of the person, the soul, along with his/her refraction into all the abilities possessed by the body. This "stereo perception" is truly beautiful, as the vastness of the soul interacts with the body, who's so "one" that a s/he can unify such a vast variety of potential coming from the soul. 

There must be a point of oneness on the border between body and soul that can bear both and at core is both in a seamless oneness. Otherwise, how do they connect eternally at the resurrection? It's likely a twilight state. This is the core of beauty. 

This can also explain why those who eat the meal to escort the Shabbos Queen arise; It's a meal eaten at the state when opposites, Shabbos and the weekdays, are "one". A person celebrates the spot where Shabbos and the weekdays are "one", will develop the inner ability to celebrate the spot where body and soul are "one".

However, notice that the meeting point, the twilight spot, is on the bodily or weekday side of the border. This is because the afterglow following the withdrawal of the infinite light contains the quality of "oneness" ~ as we sing in the Shabbos night hymn, "the final deed is contained in the initial thought".


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  1. This is a free style mini-essay inspired by my earlier post "Future Couple", an essay which is highly recommended reading for anyone with a serious interest in Jewish Mysticism.