Sunday, October 31, 2010

A Drop in the Ocean


Sage met wedding jester; greetings, smiles.

They embraced in special friendly warmth.

"Oh, jester you always share so much joy.

Today, touch me with deep spiritual insight."

Begged sage. "A rare offer." smiled jester,

"Do you know more than most people?

What each person knows, is but a speck.

The 'unknown' is a vastly vibrant ocean.

The 'known' is barely a moist drop - lost!

Shall a tiny drop boast over his vast ocean?

Can you boast over your slightly larger drop,

When you share with all the massive ocean?"

Sage's eyes lit up, face radiated satisfaction,

"Thanks, you returned my long lost teaching."

      ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ 


  1. so true, we people in general think we know so much but it's just a speck of knowledge. So is so much more we don't know. However, at least we have a certain amount BH

  2. To SMB: I think the huge effort expended to attain knowledge, lulls us into the fantasy that the knowledge we've attained is also huge. Our minds say, "Big efforts equal big gains."

    This fantasy can be so below the radar that the person whose steeped in this fantasy might not even be aware of it. Even if he was once aware, he could lose track.

    While relative to the alternative it's true that the sage truly knows more, it's not true while held up to the bigger picture of reality. This hopefully leads to cultivating humility.