Sunday, July 25, 2010




You evoke mystery.

Mystics envision you.

Auras are made from you.

You’re a precise surgical scalpel.

Objects can’t reach your speed,

Whose constancy boggles, best minds.

While whizzing by us, you don’t travel at all.

While flashing in “light years”, you’re timeless.

You are at once opposites, particles and waves.

You’re a great teacher, twisting our perspective.

We used to think time and space were solid.

We used to think all shared a single clock.

Mental veils ripped, beckoning us to peer beyond;

Beckoning us to embrace space - warped and timeless.

This is how you’re escorting us to appreciate our Creator.

You’re walking us along a red carpet to the timeless Being.

With such an amazing servant, what can one say of his King?

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