Thursday, July 29, 2010


Rabbi Moshe Cordavero taught that the path to humility is to truly value all creations. This is what the Creator Himself does. ~ "Palm Tree of Deborah"

Dearest Creator,

Over the years I've heard many suggestions describing the core attitudes that lead one on the road to a life of humility. Among these are an honest perspective of one's abilities and weaknesses, not thinking too highly of oneself, a realization that if someone else had my abilities s/he might have put them to better use. While these attitudes are valuable, they only seem to work by acknowledging something not too positive about myself. They don't easily evoke my celebration of life.

However, I recently learned a path to humility that's all celebration !

In Rabbi Moshe Cordavero's "Palm Tree of Deborah", he quoted from "Chapters of the Fathers" that a person should not be dismissive of anything created. S/he should value every single creation. The very fact that You created it is evidence enough that You value it. If You value a creation then certainly we, humans, should.

So by journeying through life considering each and every creation valuable, humans can become humble in a way that celebrates life, along a pathway of validation and inclusiveness, leading to expansive consciousness. Oh Dear Creator, please help me "celebrate my way" to humility.

Tonight with Your help, I realized another aspect within this teaching. My life situations are also Your creations. Often, I don't easily think of my situations as Your creations. This is because of my own subjectivity distorts my perspective. Yet, regardless of my perception, my situations are Your creations. They simply are. Applying this humility teaching to my life situations, beckons me to value each of my situations and not dismiss them. You value them enough to create them. So too, I need to value them and smile.

Yes, I'm going through a challenging life situation. However, I did not create it. You did. Therefore, it must be tremendously valuable. Perhaps, the value is a "Mitzvah", an opportunity to perform a spiritual deed, lurking within. Maybe this loving opportunity is the whole soul of the situation. Please help me discover and do this "Mitzvah", for this itself might be the true value of the whole situation.

Thank you for the prayer.

Love and Kisses,


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  1. This is beautiful. All of the ones God has especially chosen in any given life must walk that valley of humiliation. God creates certain life situations in order to progress our souls. Trials and tribulations can especially be challenging, but it's to our ultimate benefit. We should never regret His sending them. We must learn to surrender.

    All of God's creation is valuable. I've heard everything--even things we consider non-living--as rocks, stones--have life in them.