Friday, May 28, 2010

Angel Eyes

It seems to me that there is probably only one universe. When seen with angel eyes, it's called paradise. When seen with human eyes, it's called earth.

(inspired by Tanya II)

There seems to be an inherent subconscious model that some people carry about the relationship between the physical and spiritual realm(s). In this model the realms are separate. There's the physical realm where life as we know it carries on. Then there are either one or more spiritual realms inhabited by souls and angels that are viewed as "somewhere else", i.e. as being in another location.

Careful study of both Jewish mysticism and science leads me to believe that this conceptual model is possibly mistaken. It seems likely that there really is only one universe, shared by all creatures and creations. However, a particular being's capacity to perceive can radically alter its experience of this universe; One universe, but many experiences.

Science has already documented that bees see ultraviolet light, dogs hear sounds we don't, snakes see infrared light and taste the air. What it comes down to is that even creatures we can see, touch and consciously interact with, whose sensory organs somewhat resembles our own, probably have a very different experience of the universe than we do. They are not living in another universe, but rather they living another experience of the same universe.

How much more so would this be the case for beings whom we cannot touch and whose ability to perceive is far removed from are own, like angels and souls. Obviously, when viewing the universe an angel or a soul picks up a very different set of vibes than we do, vibes that probably do not even include what's in our visual or auditory range at all. Such a being is experiencing the universe in a whole different way than we are. The difference is so radical that it can be said that the being is living in a different world than we are. However, this is only a metaphor to describe the gap in the life experience between a physical and spiritual being - even if they are really sharing the same universe.

The following thought experiment can help further illustrate the concept:

A human being is taking a stroll in the pastoral countryside. Along side him, gently floats a soul. The human sees trees, grass, flowers, hills, wide sky. The soul senses energies, thoughts, feelings, life forces and yearnings. Though they both stroll side by side along the same countryside, what's concrete to one is flowing and energetic to the other. Since neither sense the totality of universe, they each get to peek at a different fragment.


  1. Could be. There are so many possible explanations we just don't know. I'm quite sure there is a universe parallel to our own. I'm sure you've heard of shadow people where humans catch a glimpse of someone either here or in a different dimension. There are too many stories to ignore. I've seen shadows of animals--like a cat; then, when I look my cat isn't there. These shadows seem to disappear when we look directly at them.

    Who knows? It could be going along with us here. That's quite possible.

  2. So that's what it was! One night, about four years ago I was walking up my driveway and I noticed a black cat with it's tail in the air. I moved closer and it vanished. I just thought my mind was playing tricks with me. However, a few days later I did notice something unusual. My neighbor has a window overlooking the driveway. One of his cats was black and s/he was perched on the window sill facing the area where I the mirage happened. Who knows?

    Anyways, a parallel dimension could still exist within the confines of our universe - just out of range. For example, one physics book I've read suggested that the non-stick quality of a teflon frying pan comes from it's molecular structure being partly in a different dimension of space (outside of the accustomed three dimensions). What this accomplishes is that there's a part of the teflon molecules that the fried omelet molecules cannot get to and therefore, can't adhere and stick.

    However, I agree that what I've written is hypothesis. This is why I framed the idea with words of uncertainty, like "probably". Still, I thought the idea is compelling enough to present; At least as food for thought.

  3. While we're on this subject, I think this universe could be layer upon layers due to some of the stories dying patients have told me. Either my patients have told me these things or I've read them from credible authors.

    Once a patient was clinically died. He said the world he was in was right in this world. He visited the lower level at the hospital and said (live) people were carrying on and walking right through him. He tried to talk with them, but they could not hear or see him. Eventually with CPR going on, he returned to his body.

    Another patient who came to the ER, while I was working there, was having a heart attack. We worked on him for a long time doing CPR, bagging with an ambu, and pushing medicines. We got a heart rhythm back, and he was placed on a ventilator and transported to ICU. When the endotracheal tube was removed a day or two later, he told me of his experience. He said he went up, but not too far up--that it was within this world. He was extremely happy.

    Another person went to a level lower because his soul needed what that realm had to offer. Again it was in this universe.

    Another person had negative consequences because he didn't live up to what his heart knew. He felt he was given a second chance.

    A suicide victim, who eventually returned to her body, saw her children she'd left behind. She would have done anything not to have harmed herself because she saw the purposes she had to fulfill and now couldn't. She was overjoyed she was allowed to return to her body during emergency procedures.

    Whether we know for sure or not if there are other places/things out there might not be known in this lifetime, but it's a learning experience just talking about it.

    Btw, I'm fascinated by your cat story. I believe you 100%!

  4. I'm glad you believe my cat story 100% because I didn't, until you explained why such things could happen. Thank you for sharing your first hand experience with patients who had near death experiences. These stories are very valuable for a variety of reasons. They also seem consistent with the idea of there being just one universe.