Friday, April 23, 2010


“Too little effort is arrogant,
 Because it’s asking for a free miracle,

 Too much effort lacks faith,
 If you believe, you don’t need to overdo.

 So what’s the right measure?
 Act with a heart full of kindness."


  1. Effort is a requirement of us all, and I've often wondered "where does it stop"? But easier said than done: having a heart full of kindness all the time! People too often mistake kindness for weakness. Gil said I should try it the other way around certain people/family members because of this. I tried it, Choni, and it worked! I snapped at two family members, and they almost fainted! Being "mean" has finally given me respect!!

  2. You still had a heart full of kindness. You simply put on an act in order not to be unfairly treated. In any event, there's no kindness without the appreciation of the recipient. So if you took measures to wake up some recipients, you were fixing up their capacity to receive kindness - yet another act of kindness (though a disguised one).

  3. Wow! You really have a way of getting your point across. You see below surface level to the depths of our souls. You should have been a psychologist! What you say is absolutely true.

  4. I also sometimes think that I should have become a Rabbi &/or a psychologist. Thank you.