Friday, April 16, 2010

Almost Nothing About You

To my Creator,

As a spark from Your Infinite Light,

I feel like …

A child You nurture,

A student You teach,

A love You caress,

A servant on demand,

A fetus in Your womb,

A garment You wear,

A guest You welcome,

A friend You comfort.

These roles are but tiny parables.

They seamlessly merge into one.

Yet enlarged, they say much of me,

 And almost nothing about You.


  1. This reminds me of the various roles we play and how everything is interchanging. The Shabbath bride is sometimes referred to as "he" and sometimes "she". In books written from the Zohar, sometimes we are the child, sometimes we are the wife, sometimes, the fetus, sometimes big, sometimes small, sometimes a piece of clothing, etc. I believe God does this so we'll experience everything there is to experience.

  2. Yes, playing more roles broadens our horizons. A wider prespective is capable of receiving more Divine wisdom.

    However, the Creator is so Infinite that no matter how many tastes we've tasted, we're still not capable of grasping Him. We're just grasping at His revelations, not at His Being.