Monday, August 7, 2017

The Oraclist

Prophet Zeman Oracled,
 “Fifty years hence, great peace n’ bliss!”
A fidgety youth wondered,
 “Why should I wait so long?”
He capsuled out of atmosphere,
  Speeding in space, to drag in time,
All the while, chuckling in glee,
 “At the great event, I’ll be young n’ free!”
As a light beam passed by,
 He greedily hitched a ride.
Now, he was at light speeeeed...
 As time stopppped...he froze in fright,
Only to be scooped up,
 By hands of a higher kind of time.
Suddenly, he felt great peace n’ bliss,
  He was crowded by Zeman’s disciples.
He gasped, ”How did they arrive,
 Without needing space capsules?”
They thought answered,
 “By ancient spiritual techniques.”
He mused, “How can such feelings,
 Become daily the bread of earthlings?
They responded, “It will yet be.
  Fifty years hence, great peace n’ bliss!”


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