Friday, April 14, 2017

On the Spiritual Value of Evolution

Philly Willie

London has Big Ben,
 Philly has Willie Penn,

Perched atop City Hall,
 He has weathered it all.

As Winter opens to Spring,
 About him birds finally sing.

Gentle breezes softly blow,
 As ambient sunlight bursts aglow.

But of what joy is a season,
 To a statue who can’t reason?


In Reflection:

The Lurianic work “The Gate of Meditation”  is about the growth of everything to become vessels for God’s Light. It’s so exciting!!!!!!!! I am particularly thrilled that I can study from it’s wellsprings with my Wife. To me, becoming vessels for God’s Light is why the human capacity for evolution is soooooo important. What evolution means is that we have a plasticity - we can “become”. We can grow into greater vessels for His Light.

Even without evolution, we each have a capacity for growth but within a certain naturally circumscribed range. What evolution does is that it extends us beyond that range and possibly leads to a kind of “group growth” in roughly similar unison.

One may wonder, “Well it’s very nice that humans evolve into something more for the sake of spiritual growth, an increased capacity to bear greater spiritual light. However, how does this change the universe - the subject of the Lurianic writings on cosmic repair?”

Truthfully, as we perceive the universe, so it is! Our growth in perception is identical to the growth of the universe. So for example, the statue of William Penn atop City Hall, weathers it all. However, since it’s perception is limited to what molecules can perceive, so despite being draped in the sunlight of Spring, it knows nothing of this warm sunlight. Now, let’s say the statue evolved into a tree. Suddenly, the surrounding sunlight becomes very meaningful. It will grow branches and leaves upward to meet the sunlight. By its movement and change, it will express new awarenesses. Now if the tree evolved, into an animal, at the slightest discomfort it would crawl down from atop its perch. And if human, it would try to find its way into City Hall below to make some desperately needed political reforms.

At each stage Willie Penn, perceived the same world very differently - all because he spiritually evolved. His perception capacity grew, along with the intelligence and sentience to process that particular perceptive level. So it could also be claimed that as he spiritually grew, he noticed his world grow too. But, really nothing changed about his world. All that happened was that he became something spiritually more. Similarly, the reason why the world about us looks as it does, is because we are who we are.

Yet, we have the capacity to spiritually evolve - to grow. With the help of various technologies, biological or otherwise, God has given us the capacity to self evolve. This capacity will only grow with time. This could bring the kind of growth changes within a few years that theoretically could have taken millions otherwise. I don’t necessarily see evolution as the exclusive province of darwinian thought. (Also, my usage of such a notion does not mean that I necessary subscribe to the scientific opinion that creation happened via evolution.) I see in it the capacity to build of human perception which is ultimately identical with building of the universe humans inhabit.

With new perceptions and the necessary intelligence to process them, so much of what we know about reality will also grow. It’s also possible that we’ll grow beyond our current level of free choice. Also, many of our questions will instantly fall away, to be replaced with whole sets of new ones. We will experience of the love of beingness, with a depths never before perceived. It will be like experiencing God’s breath, blowing calming breezes of love, on us wherever we are.


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