Sunday, March 19, 2017

Guidance for the Sincere

After a long absence, I just started reviewing Rabbi Judah HaLevi’s “Kuzari”. To me, the book’s first lesson is that God truly appreciates the sincere, regardless of origin. Compassionately, God seems to find ways to guide the truly sincere. He tends to be sincere with the sincere.

The book opens up with a historical account of a truly sincere man who was an idolater, just because he innocently didn't know any better. God seemed to love that man’s sincerity so much that He gifted him with a rare revelation, one that’s near prophetic and perhaps on reserve for the saintly, by sending him an angel in a dream to guide him.

(Even if you are among those who think that the story as presented by Rabbi Judah HaLevi was a mere literary device and not entirely real, still he wouldn’t have mentioned anything unless he firmly believed that it could have happened.)


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