Thursday, January 12, 2017

If You are One...

If You are One,
Then all is You,
  Including me too!
I’m continuous with all,
All’s continuous with me,
 There’s only One Identity.
If You are One,
Then self is borderless.
  Since self n’ others merge.
   Please light up my heart with love.
If You are One,
Then I am cared for,
  Since You “got my back”,
   Please help me be less fearful.
If You are One,
Then all’s in You,
 As if in a vast womb.
I am a sibling to all,
As One Origin bore us.
  In kinship to all, I implore,
    Please flow my compassion to the fore.
If You are One,
Then You lack inhibitions.
   There’s no holding You back!
     You provide kindness as You will.
As the needy fill Your world,
Please healthily uninhibit my giving.
If You are One,
Then You’re the peak of empathy.
  You hear all creature’s needs,
   Even ahead of all their pleas.
Please help my ears open,
To hear the needs of others.
If You are One,
Then a hidden bond,
  Latently connects all.
You seek it’s exposure,
To bring all visibly closer.
Please help me bond,
With those open to do so.
If You are One,
Then earth can transform,
Into the paradise of Eden.
Please guide my deeds,
Yes, even my every step,
  To make earth paradise.

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